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JUNE 14, 2010:

Status update. Also, today’s a freakin’ lazy day. Meh.

Called again as instructed to check the results of the diagnostic analysis. Alright, the motherboard really was the only problem. Something about bloated caps. The mental image of that for me is quite off if you think of cap as the accessory to cover your head. Anyways, I just need a new motherboard, but the guy over the phone also said that I’d have to do a complete reformat to fix it completely. To that, I reacted with “ok” but when I put down the phone it changed to “HELL NO”. I searched around the net and saw that a repair install could possibly fix the whole problem with old hard drives and new motherboards. Not completely, but enough for it to work. If that fails, then reformat it is.

Either way, I have things in mind with what to do…aside from the motherboard, I think I’m going to see if I can, as the plan before, spam my CPU with cooling fans. Or I can try getting a new hard drive that’s either 250, 500 gigs in size or if I’m lucky I can try for 1 terabyte. Currently, I’m thinking of a way to do both, so I can have my PC fixed, take anti-overheating measures and have more space. I’m thinking that the end result of all this will lead to me installing Windows Seven, but who knows what’ll happen.

JUNE 12, 2010:

Hey, Lux is broken again. And I feel fine. Lacking, but fine.

Yeah. The first time this happened was around the end of 2009 and back then I was so pissed about the cost of repairs, the screwed up schedule and most importantly, the lack of one half of the most integral part of LEAF XCEED Music Division. But now I’m much calmer about it all and just worrying about how long it’ll take to be fixed this time around and how my parents will be reacting to the whole issue…for the second time.

Anyways, on to the cause. As of now, it’s assumed that the reason for my CPU dying (again) is no longer the power supply but the overall temperature of the CPU. I never worried about nor realized the fact that ever since the start there were points that my CPU would be -so- hot that I wouldn’t be able to just place my hand on the CPU and not be burned. You could probably cook eggs on it based on the temperatures it was working on. Up to now, it’s been surviving with abnormal temperatures but of course that doesn’t last forever. This possibly caused my motherboard to fry itself (based on the symptoms of no bootscreen, no output to the screen and no sign of recognizing the keyboard and mouse; the only thing it does now is power itself on…ironic how it was the other way around the first time).

Soooo, first things first. I need a professional diagnostic analysis from PCX. Which I still assume to be my fried motherboard. I think I’m actually going today for that, but as of now all my calls to all four numbers of PCX in Gilmore are falling on deaf ears. I’ll edit this later accordingly.

To be honest, my CPU has been shutting down due to no reason. The symptoms of the random shutdowns did in fact lead to overheating, but I never took it seriously since my CPU would still work normally when I restarted it. I guess that was the warning shot. My plan now is to get, of course, a new motherboard but compatible with a new, branded and powerful CPU fan, in addition to the multiple additional fans (I’m leaning on using all three fan slots) that I’ll also have installed. I’m aiming to make my CPU so damn cool in its literal sense so that touching it will actually make my hand cold (exaggeration). Hopefully this finally allows my CPU to live at least a full year and not just half before something goes wrong again. At least a full year.

On the other side of things, since I still have this laptop which served the same purpose for me when Lux first broke, I guess I know what exactly to expect. No LEAF X MD. No gaming. Lag. Microsoft Office ’07. Oh well. Shit happens. More than once.

Update. So I did go to PCX and back with results. At least I got something right here. The motherboard is indeed screwed up. Although, another problem seems to be the processor instead. It’s actually the main cause of the abnormal temperatures. I’m supposed to call tomorrow afternoon for a status update. Oh well, hope it takes less time than the last.

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