LEAF XCEED Music Division – Website Releases (2008 – 2010)

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Two years (technically just one and a half though or something). I spent that much time on making music for everyone to hear, listen to and enjoy. I started out as an unknown name on the internet making MIDIs. Then from there, everything just got progressively better. My knowledge of music got better, my skills got better, my name more known, my songs more known and my works more appreciated than I ever actually thought possible. I wouldn’t have gotten far if not for all the support I was given, either it be from friends, family or most especially the internet, composed of the many unknown faces I have yet to fully discover. I make songs for people to hear, and if you are reading this blog post right now, you are probably part of the people who I make them for. So I’d like to thank you all for everything you have given me in return for what I have given to you.


LEAF XCEED Music Division - Website Releases

LEAF XCEED Music Division - Website Releases

LEAF XCEED Music Division – Website Releases
192 kbps – Stereo
115 MB

1. Dali
2. Orchestra JNG
3. Minor Star
4. Little Bit
5. Unbroken Dream
6. Return Flight
7. A Memory
9. Trump Card Alteisen
10. Last Showdown
11. Spark Mandrill – Short Circuit
12. Eternal Regret
13. Midnight Breeze
14. Boss Battle!
15. Cave Story War
16. KoF ’00 – Wild Party
17. Your Majesty
18. YuYu Metal
19. Guard Daos
20. Diary Of Memories
21. Maelstorm
22. Garden Of Moonlight
23. Fur Elisa
24. Downstream
25. Radical Squadron Swat Kats
26. Recollection
27. Core Oppression
28. 8-Bit Fireflies
29. Infinite Being
30. Winter Sunshine
31. Contradanza
32. Town Of Leaves v2
33. The Black Wind Howls
34. Imminent Chaos
35. Guitar Vs. Piano [ver. XCEED]
36. Hinto

Download Link:


The album itself is composed of pretty much every single thing I’ve released from 2008 to this day. You can actually find all of the songs included here available for separate downloading and/or streaming, but this is the official compilation made for all those who want to hear more than just one song from LEAF X MD and are too lazy to download everything one by one. Just kidding. THIS ALBUM IS MADE TO BE EFFICIENT. XD You can check it yourself in the Download Hub for the genres of each song, but this album overall is composed dominantly of video game metal, symphonic metal, anything with metal, anything with electric guitars, acoustic pieces, classical pieces and others.

Also, this compilation also has bonus content you can’t find elsewhere like song concepts and MIDIs previously unreleased to the public. Not to mention a certain bonus track which ends in quite an unpleasant manner…all of the info is in a Readme in the archive. IT’S 8 KB. I typed a lot of things in there (but I know of some typos I didn’t change) and you’ll find everything about the bonus content in there.

AND JUST BECAUSE HE ASKED, I’d like to thank Mikey Daza for doing absolutely nothing.

Enjoy the album. See you in the next one.
~Ramon Roberto T. Nario, president of LEAF XCEED, head of the Music Division


Creative Commons License

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License, since I can, and it makes my works all legal & fancy.

~ by rtnario on May 27, 2010.

11 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Website Releases (2008 – 2010)”

  1. Hello there,

    Thought i’d just drop by…
    But… I have a question:
    First, that you know it, i own a Mac, aswell as a Windows laptop, but the issue is on the Mac… When i click the download-button of the album, the regular download window opens. The issue is: it’s (…) slow! Just 9,5 KB/sec… When it isn’t solvable, i guess i’ll just have to wait. If so, then i’ll do it anyways, ’cause i want that album!

    Oh, almostly forgotten:
    I am currently working on a script of a movie, and i had in mind to use Cave Story War for it. May I?

    • Wow, that IS slow. I’m on Windows Seven with an updated Firefox and basic broadband internet and I reach speeds of 60 kbps. But I kinda doubt that it’s OS-specific, so it may be some problems with Mediafire itself or possibly your internet. I guess that’s how it is for now…

      And no problem; my only requirement for my music being used elsewhere is that proper credit is given. I’m sure that you know my artist name is LEAF XCEED Music Division and not just rtnario or LEAF X MD anyway, so go right ahead! I’d like to see it if it sees completion though 😀

      Thanks for listening to my music and dropping by; I appreciate it!

      • Sorry, but it’s not Mediafire, nor my internet. they combined had another download they had to handle, but they had 3XX KB/sec, and shortly after that, i found out your blog, and tried to download the album.

        —The Other Subject—
        Yeah, thanks man. And… I actually thought, Music Division was the album name… D’oh… But the album is named Website Releases (2008 – 2010) i guess?
        And, i think making the movie (i want to make it myself, but if impossible, w/e) takes a whole lot of time… all i have is the dutch script. and not even ALL the details are worked out…

        But, if you want to know, i already got the “accepted” word from another music-composer, that made a remix of Last Battle too. It’s DivineWrath’s Welcome To Hell. Also nice. I just wanted to say…

        But anyways, thanks for the time, man! Peace, yo yo! …
        hehe… uhm
        PS: how is it on miraigamer.net/forums ? Is there any recent activity? And do you know any other listenable songs that will be included in CSRP2? thnx already!

  2. The album name is Website Releases, but I just included the years to signify how long I’ve worked on the entire thing. LEAF XCEED is the main “company”, but usually attached with Music Division which is why my main artist name is LEAF XCEED Music Division. And no rush at all about your movie…right? XD It can and should take as long as possible to make it great =) Good luck, and hopefully the other Last Battle remix works well too. Might check that out sometime.

    I’m not really active on miraigamer as a whole; just the music-related threads 🙂 Not much recent activity either, except for a new person joining the list of artists. As for listenable songs, anything by Wedge of Cheese or GIRakaCHEEZER’s pretty good. Check Page 34 of the thread. Thanks again for dropping by!

    PS: I can’t reply to the reply of a reply. XD

  3. I sorta jizzed in my pants when I saw Orchestral JNG and thought “Wait, JNG? /That/ JNG?” I took a listen – and it was! Holy smokes, I guess I love the game, its soundtrack and the band behind it too much xD

    In any case, I hold immense respect for you and your remixes, man.

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