LEAF XCEED Music Division – Hinto

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At long last. This is Hinto, the final track of Website Releases. Actually, if I did have any die-hard fans who listened to every single release I put out from 1 to 35, they’ll find this remix familiar. It is in fact, this song. I was thinking on how to end the Website Releases compilation since I’m gonna make one soon, but it was pretty hard since it’s a compilation and not meant to be an album. That means I pretty much stuffed everything I completed into this compilation; no planning whatsoever for the overall thing. XD So I decided ending it in a special way by remixing the first song I remixed way back in 2008 again, but with my modern style which applies everything I’ve learned for the past two years now, in 2010.

The name, “Hinto” means “stop” in my native language. I gave it this name because the name of my first Website Releases track, Dali means “hurry”. It’s pretty ironic how it was somehow called Dali since the original song was called that, but the song itself is a slow soothing violin piece. I decided to add to the irony by naming this very fast punk remix Hinto. It also has a double purpose, since this track is pretty much the end of the first Website Releases.

~ by rtnario on May 26, 2010.

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