Using This Blog Like A Blog And Not A Song Release Site

Alrighty. When was it since I last blogged normally instead of just finishing one LEAF X MD track after another? 😮

Let’s see. Where do I start…summer vacation started weeks ago, where we were finally freed from the clutches of the universally recognized hell that is mandatory in our system of education, otherwise known as school. When that happened, I was all, “YES! No more distractions. I’m gonna finish a s**tload of LEAF X MD songs now! AHAHAHAHAHAHA I CAN’T WAIT.” aside from thinking of all the overnights, gimmicks and whatnot that would happen for the entire duration of this vacation. Then again, this is me, so obviously that would be the top of my priorities~ 😀

Now that it’s actually summer…I haven’t done much. I should’ve expected this. This happened last year too. No matter how much free time I have, I can’t seem to compose anything at all. This is why I’ve been instead working on easier songs, which I identify as remixes, of course. My opinion says it’s so much easier to work on remixes since there’s already a main melody, a chord progression, a time signature and everything for you to base your remix off. That doesn’t mean they’re easy to create on their own, but compared to originals, they definitely are. That’s why a huge majority of the Website Releases is composed of remixes of many songs of different genres and only some are fully original.

Another problem that gets in the way is my album planning. Since it’s so hard to make an original composition, why not reserve all of them for a special album to be released someday? This would work well with my planned video game remix album called “Soundtrack Of The Underground” for special reasons. But if I do that, I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere. I’m so confused. @_@

Speaking of “Soundtrack Of The Underground”, that’s mainly what I’ve been working on the most this summer. The concept of this album is clearly shown by the name I gave. See, usually when there are popular video game remixes, they’re based off songs already so popular like the soundtracks of Mario games, the Legend Of Zelda series, Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and lots more. You can just check OverClocked ReMix for proof. So what I want to do is look back at my entire history of video gaming since the start to now and get every game I loved which had amazing music so I could remix them. The difference here is that the games I’m gonna be choosing are not all those popular ones that everyone played and have probably remixed once, twice or many times more. They’re going to be the underrated, underplayed games that never made it into the mainstream. If they did however, since I already have an exception to that, it’s a song that’s rarely used for a remix and rarely remixed into a certain genre. In general, the goal of this album is to do everything that is uncommon and let the world know what they’ve been missing out on. Big goals? Damn right. ;D

Another notable thing that happened was my six hour venture back into the scene. A good friend of mine wanted his R4 (a flashcart for the Nintendo DS) to finally be updated with current games. As the original R4 team had died long ago and only fakes and poseurs (as a bboy-happy friend would put it) exist today, alternatives have been worked on by the scene. And as I am also Blackiris from, I have also contributed by creating the Commercial ROM Loading guide with Moonshell 2 and YSMenu. Before the new updated guide that you’d see if you visit, it was an old outdated one that’s only linked to. The new one currently only has a guide for the original R4, and that’s what I spent the said six hours on. I was MIA from GBAtemp for a really long time for personal reasons, but now it’s great to be back once more!

Oh well. This is where this NORMAL blog post will end. I’ve got to get work done on SOTU. All finished tracks considered, it’s barely even 10 minutes ^^; See you until then, or when I randomly make another Website Releases track. <o/

~ by rtnario on March 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Using This Blog Like A Blog And Not A Song Release Site”

  1. So are we doing this shit or not? >:) “Once you start you can’t stop.” =))))))))

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