LEAF XCEED Music Division – Core Oppression

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Finally, 4 days of neglecting schoolwork (lol) led me to the end of this remix’s BETA phase. My third (non-MIDI) remix of a Cave Story track, this is a remix of Oppression, and is probably the best remix I’ve ever made so far. This was made with the Cave Story Remix Project 2 in mind, but at the same time it’s also track 27 of my Website Releases. It’s yet again another combination of symphonic and orchestral elements with, no duh, metal. I seriously think I did my best here since the orchestral intro alone makes you think that I’d make a symphonic arrangement of Oppression and not symphonic metal πŸ™‚ (hmm, not a bad idea)

~ by rtnario on October 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Core Oppression”

  1. […] who also happens to be rtnario. And he just made his best video game remix evar. Check it out: Core Opression.*Hayate no Gotoku narrator* That is totally not a plug right there. I swear that isn’t a plug […]

  2. I have to disagree.
    This is NOT your best Song, it’s still beaten by Last Showdown and even falls behind Maelstorm (At least in my Opinion,
    tough Last Showdown’s score on Newgrounds makes me think i’m the only one who likes that song ),
    but that’s mainly because i don’t like the Melody.^^
    On the song itself..
    The Orchestral intro sounds kinda unrelated to the Rest
    (Not because it’s Orchestral, it just has a totally different feeling. More dramatic then battle-like.) More Drums and less
    Trumpet thingies could have fixed that.
    On the Main Part well…
    There we have the Melody Problem.
    It sounds just boring and repetitive.
    Probably better when you hear it in-game, but i never played the Game, so i can’t comment on that.
    BUT… there is one part i highly liked.
    The part from 1:58 to 2:21 is just Epic.
    Could ya’ make a whole song like that?
    You know… like that beta thingie you pm’ed me?
    One last Complaint… no two actually.
    First, I think a more abrupt ending would have fit the Song better, the fade totally kills it’s “hearing while playing Videogames with crappy music” qualities.
    (Ending at 2:32 would have been a lot better)
    The short Endings were one of the things
    i liked most in your Songs.
    Why is this not on Newgrounds?!? xD
    No shiny


    for ya.^^


      *battle cry is main riff of Unbroken Dream*

      Bah, k, for srs now Syron. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog and probably seeing that I’ve released a lot of stuff that’s not on NG. Or, you probably already knew that. XD Second, thanks for always being honest and consistent if every review you give. It makes it easier for me to see exactly what kind of music you like πŸ™‚

      Your review revealed one thing to me: those who haven’t played Cave Story will not instantly appreciate this as much as those who have. It’s not like Last Showdown and Maelstorm where the hooks, riffs & melodies are easily likable. That said, this was actually pretty hard for me to remix, which is partly why I call this my best so far. If you heard the very original, you’d hear that it is something that would be pretty hard to remix. I tried applying my style on a song that greatly differs from songs like Trump Card Alteisen & Last Showdown. And the result is what still makes me say that this is my best remix to date πŸ™‚

      And yeah, I understand what you mean about the orchestration. As epic as I made it through many headaches, it’s pretty much just an intro to the main thing. Actually that’s not bad, as that’s what I intended it to be, but I couldn’t help but feel that the difference between the two parts were kinda evident. Yet I got the desired intro I wanted, so I kept it.

      And, your comment about 1:58 – 2:21? That made me laugh. You really are Syron. XD You see, out of all the melodies in the remix, only THAT entire part was from me and me alone. It was never part of the original; it’s like I also put a part of an original composition into the remix because it just sounded so perfect. Indirectly, you said that the best part of the remix was not the original song being remixed but my original parts, riffs and melodies that I placed in the song! Which would lead to the conclusion that if I finish an original composition… πŸ™‚

      And I still disagree about the abrupt ending. I ended that perfectly; the NES+delay+reverb+fade out was incredible on its own 😦 I guess it’s related to you not liking the original, but if you did I’m sure you’d see it from my point of view. ^^

      About Newgrounds…I’ll eventually get to submitting this there. I just don’t know when though, but I assure you that I will! …eventually. THAT SHINY 5/5 9/10 WILL BE MINE XD

      Thanks for the review, and for stopping by! Feel free to check out some exclusive (or maybe/eventually not) LEAF XCEED Music Division songs. You might notice they represent more of my other genres and styles of composing aside from my usual. Hope you like them. πŸ™‚

      • I just googled the Original and I have to agree with you now.
        That IS one extremely hard-to-remix song, and with that in Mind it’s awesome what you got out of it.
        Maybe I should have said “Not the song I like the most” instead of “not your best one”.
        And about the Ending… I really don’t know why i didn’t like it yesterday.
        Aside from being at the End of a Song/Melody I don’t like that much, it’s perfect.
        Maybe I should go and rewiew some of your other stuff here… Yeah gonna do that now.


        ps: Being able to Reply on Reply’s is awesome. xD

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