LEAF XCEED Music Division Indirectly On YouTube

Hmm, well, I thought I’d make this post after seeing where my works have gone. πŸ™‚

When you’re on the internet you sometimes get that random urge to search for yourself on Google or something and see what pops up. For someone like me though, I do it much more frequently than others with good reason. I see if my works as LEAF XCEED Music Division get some sort of recognition online, and they definitely have (otherwise I wouldn’t be making this post lolwtf).

Here are some examples:

“Eternal Genesis Development Blog #04: Voice Acting In Battle”

-This one is from a fellow NG Audio Portal user named UltimaTricksta. He has some great works there so you should check him out if you’re not doing anything πŸ™‚ He used Boss Battle! as the background music of an RPG which he and others are developing I think. Obviously he handles a lot of the music. XD

“Cave Story War”

-…what, there are two? No worries. They’re the same song. πŸ˜€ Cave Story War seems to have gotten to some parts of the fanbase that just so happens to like VG metal. So much so that there are two videos of it currently online. Wow & yay. XD

“The YuYu Folk Metal Medley”

-This is currently my favorite. In this one, a user who likes both the original YuYu track that plays in the animation and my metal remix decides to mix them together. The result is AWESOME.

There’s at least one problem with all of this though. Usually I’m credited as “Rtnario” or “rtnario” and rarely as “LEAF XCEED Music Division” or even “LEAF X MD”. Which reminds me of that free metal podcast that called YuYu Metal exactly this : “Rtnario – leaf x yu yu metal”. Oh well. Time will tell when my works get properly credited the way I want it XD

~ by rtnario on October 7, 2009.

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