LEAF XCEED Music Division – Downstream

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Here I have the result of another session of “freestyle composing”…at first it gave me Return Flight, and then Garden Of Moonlight. Now with the help of some random guitar sound I found in FL Studio I’ve created this acoustic piece that’s at least longer than Spark Mandrill – Short Circuit, HUZZAH and Little Bit. As the name implies, I thought of a quiet night on a boat slowly drifting downstream, with the beautiful nighttime forest ambience and a starry sky above. Vivid, eh? Rest assured, you’ll see what I mean once you hear it 🙂

~ by rtnario on September 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “LEAF XCEED Music Division – Downstream”

  1. I can’t remember how many games I’ve seen/heard Ending with a tune like this one.*goes Nostalgic-Mode*
    There’s one problem tough…
    I’m listening this with Headphones and the right side sounds like I would have half my Head underwater, while the left side is completely clear.
    I don’t like having to listen stuff in mono. 😦


    ps: Could well be that it’s just an issue with my Headphones.
    Broke and repaired them like 6 times already, but evrything
    else sounds normal.

    At the moment at least. xD

  2. love your music man^^

    don’t stop.

    • o hay Zero whom I know as a close friend of Intero’s and others? ^^ Thanks for dropping by, and I’d want to stop creating music as much as you would. In other words, HAHA NEVER XD

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