LEAF XCEED, Meet Bandcamp

So LEAF XCEED has its own Newgrounds and its own YouTube. And obviously, it won’t stop there, so now it has its own Bandcamp!


Bandcamp is definitely the site to use for serious, well, band stuff. Album and EP releases and all. It’s not like a Newgrounds which is, well, a Newgrounds, a YouTube which people wouldn’t go to for music releases and a blog where people wouldn’t expect music releases. This is THE site for uploading your compositions and getting them known around the world.

Now there’s a problem…I bumped into it. With a Bandcamp, a YouTube, a Newgrounds and this blog I’m gonna have trouble organizing my releases…I’m probably gonna compile all web releases into something and leave the official albums to Bandcamp. Bah, I dunno. I’ll fix it someday e_e

…oh, I didn’t mention that I uploaded a (currently) Bandcamp exclusive LEAF XCEED track up there. Check it out 😮

~ by rtnario on September 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “LEAF XCEED, Meet Bandcamp”

  1. Finally, a site where you can post an actual album. :O

    So — ——– album nao? XD

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