LEAF XCEED Music Division – Guard Daos

Download Link:



Yes, that’s right. This remix has a YOUTUBE VIDEO TO GO WITH IT. OMG.

Before Super Robot Taisen, Summon Night and other Game Boy Advanced games that gave me musical inspiration, I just so happened to play a game called Lufia: The Legend Returns on my Game Boy Color, about the same time I bought Power Quest. If you’ve read my post about the original soundtrack, the inspiration from there applies here more than anything else. This game was the first unique handheld RPG I’ve ever loved, and still do. The game itself was incredible; it had interesting characters, multiple areas, skills, monsters, weapons, story and beautiful music (thanks to one Yasunori Shiono). Hell, one of the tracks in the soundtrack has a very noticeable similarity to what may be the one song that defines my composing style.

…bah, I’m kinda lazy and if you noticed I didn’t even bother spamming links in the last LEAF XCEED Music Division release, and same here. Not unless it’s really necessary. XD

~ by rtnario on July 17, 2009.

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