Power Quest Original Soundtrack

WARNING: This soundtrack was ripped and uploaded for my backup purposes, for there will come a time when my Nintendo handhelds will stop working and my Power Quest Game Pak along with them. That means, no great Game Boy music for me. If you downloaded this soundtrack, please be aware that Japan System Supply (wherever they may be, or if ever they’re still alive) just might take legal action against you if you do not physically own this game. Or not, since they’ve been MIA since October 2000. Then you can be happy and go all “Yarr!” for all I care. Just make damn sure you enjoy the soundtrack. πŸ™‚

Obviously, through all my years listening to, appreciating and creating music, there are parts of my childhood that are important inspirations for my musical compositions. I was lucky enough to bump into this game.



Power Quest Original Soundtrack

Power Quest – Original Soundtrack (Unofficial)
192 kbps – Stereo
33 MB

1. Nervously — 2. ABC Shop — 3. Power Town — 4. This House — 5. Complex — 6. Over — 7. Military Arts — 8. Gloom — 9. Blue Storm — 10. Unsigned — 11. Optimism — 12. Ancien Regime — 13. Victory Eyes — 14. Fleeting Left — 15. Thrust Up — 16. Drive Out — 17. Great Sweater — 18. End Of War — 19. Reject — 20. 1995 — 21. Science

Download Link:



This game was developed by Japan System Supply (out of business since October 2000), published by Capcom in Japan as Gekitou Power Modeler and published by Sunsoft in the US as Power Quest. It was one of the later releases when the Game Boy wasn’t as popular as it first was when it came out. I bought it when it was on sale since I was looking for a good fighting game on the Game Boy. Damn did I love that decision. This was one of those hidden Game Boy gems that never made it into the mainstream.

The engine was smooth, the part upgrades were a good addition and the graphics were nice for a Game Boy 2-D fighting game. And do I have to explain the incredible soundtrack when this post alone proves that it’s that great? XD

The only things I hated were that it was kinda repetitive and that the save system was password-based. But in any case, this is one of those great games you should’ve played on the Game Boy if you haven’t already.

…and if you have, enjoy the soundtrack. XD

~ by rtnario on June 26, 2009.

24 Responses to “Power Quest Original Soundtrack”


    Games are not public domain until they have been around for 30 years. And that goes the same for the music in them.



    • 1) Backup purposes.
      2) Physical copy.
      3) Japan System Supply is dead. This is my way of letting people remember them.

      In other words, you’ll only find this as piracy if you’ve downloaded it and DO NOT own the game.

      …hello counteralchemist =)

  2. *face palm*

    Have you been listening to our Computer Ethics lessons? o_o Distribution for “backup purposes” online is still piracy in itself. It’s not like you can control who downloads the file.


    Just pointed those out for fun really. XD

  3. Thanks again! This brings back so many memories…

    • No prob! Glad people share these memories of a great game with great music with me πŸ™‚

  4. Yeah, thanks again! The soundtrack to this game is amazing!

    • Haha, no problem! Any and all people who got to experience this game must not miss out on this soundtrack I ripped. As in…no. It’s too good. XD

  5. Power Quest was the first game I bought for Game Boy (like 50.000 years ago!!!), but the soudtrack never left my memory, thank you so much for uploading! πŸ˜€

    • The first? Whoa o_o Haha, no problem! I really ripped this soundtrack to preserve such great video game music that might’ve been overlooked by so many but luckily noticed by some such as yourself πŸ™‚ And HAHAHA, I was always Max/Speed.

      I’d love to see someone say “I LOVE BOROT”

      • I. LOVE. BOROT!!! (it’s not because you wrote that nor anything!)
        Nah, I don’t love it, but I feel sorry for it though. It looks so helpless…
        *continues to polish Axe’s muscles*

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve owned this game since it came out. I still have it and was playing it yesterday night. I love this game so much. It’s 1 of the few GBC games I’ve kept. I’m so lucky someone feels the same way. Thank you for the AWESOME ST. Were you able to beat the game? I think I never got that far, last I remember was getting level 4 parts (pain in the bum). I lost my password after that.

    • Haha, I’m glad it kicked some nostalgia in you πŸ™‚ Nope, I was never able to beat the game, and I probably reached as far as you before I got annoyed in the end and lost my own password XD

  7. Hey, Do You happen to know who the composer for this game was? I cannot find the answer on Google, and I don’t like adding it to my library under “Japan System Supply…”

    • That’s exactly why I chose to make the artist Japan System Supply — I can’t find the original composer XD One would have to go through the credits just for that …

  8. Power Quest was always one of my favorite GBC games, and I normally suck at fighters, but the sound track has always stuck with me. I still play it from time to time, partly just to listen to the music. Thank you very much for uploading this for fellow fans of the game.

  9. Mobygames lists the credits for Power Quest, giving the name Kumiko Fujiwara under “Sound”. Perhaps the composer? No other credited roles seem to have anything to do with the music.

    • Maybe, but it’s also pretty fishy, ’cause she appears nowhere else as a composer according to the internet at least …

  10. […] Screen and Menu (Military Arts and This House respectively in the link below) I'm linking you to this OST .rar file as the versions of This House that I've found on YouTube have been either a remix, an […]

  11. I always loved going into the options to hear this music. Do you still have the raw files? If so, are they in MIDI format?

    Thanks for the upload.

    • Saaaame. I recorded these directly from my Game Boy so they’re not in MIDI format. Were you planning on making arrangements?

    • From an audio file into a MIDI file the results never turn out well, using software you can download online, I’d know. You’d have to do it manually, and if you plan on making arrangements with other things in the future this is a good way to start πŸ™‚

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