Summer ’09 – What Happened

Now I’m gonna use this blog like how it’s supposed to be used.

It’s now 7:30 PM (at the time of writing…typing), and tomorrow will be the first day of classes. The first day of my 3rd Year schooling; wonder what it’s gonna be like. But I’ll save what I think of what’s gonna happen since I’m supposed to type about what happened this summer.

This summer was very boring and awesome at the same time. I mean, for one, there was no sign of band practice that actually worked out. Titanium Rose & Kite Therapy had forcefully MIA members and Trademark Underground had schedule problems. In exchange though, I myself had plenty of time to work on my composing, which I can say was the thing I did all summer. I can say that I drastically improved when compared to my earlier attempts at composing out of the MIDI format. I really learned a lot, which would explain the many LEAF XCEED Music Division releases of 2009 over at the LEAF XCEED Hub.

This is also thanks to the Newgrounds Audio Portal community, which provided reception for my works and more. I mean, I got more people to listen to my compositions and remixes there, and even met users who helped me out. Heck, I even met someone from the Machinae Supremacy forums there, who was the one who helped me the most if I may add (if you’re reading this, thanks Alex? XD).

So aside from anything to do with my music composition, there were also other events that happened like house visits, overnights and gimmicks (and that Shizen Orchestra convention…*shiver*) that took the boredom out of the summer. I still feel like more could’ve happened, but in a nutshell it was either a gimmick or a day yet again dedicated to a composition. Ho, hum.

Wonder what 3rd Year’s gonna be like…according to my brother, it’s way easier than 2nd Year and it’s also gonna be the best. Wonder if that’ll apply to 3-D. Oh well, I’ll know by tomorrow.


And before I close this blog entry, here’s some seemingly out-of-place information about my latest song. You see, I planned to make one last song which would be the greatest I’ve ever made (for the summer). Ever since NG Audio I’ve been making remixes out of everything, ranging from games like Super Robot Taisen, Cave Story and Mega Man X to original creations by fellow NG users. So I decided that my last song would be an original and unlike anything I’ve ever made before. Its planned title even screams what it’s gonna sound like. It’s THE genre of music that got me listening to power metal (Helloween) in the first place, and if you know me well I’ve since then gone to many other genres like progressive metal, folk and neo-classical.

Actually, today I spent 4 hours straight working on the thing, then eventually burned out and took a break (5-6 PM if I remember XD). I was pressuring myself since I really wanted to push myself to make it meet the deadline of being finished today. But resting and regaining my original state of mind told me otherwise, so unfortunately it won’t be done today. All for making it sound as awesome as possible.

Well, yeah. Just wanted to get that out. Time to work on it…bit by bit.

~ by rtnario on June 3, 2009.

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