LEAF XCEED, Meet YouTube

In a recent effort to get more of LEAF XCEED’s releases (music, technology and etc.) to be spread and more known, I have created a YouTube channel solely for anything related to LEAF XCEED. I will start by uploading music videos of selected LEAF XCEED Music Division songs, and maybe in the future I might even use it to preview cursors, skins and other prodcts of the Technology Division.

Check it out over at:


Hopefully this move will be an advantage to help LEAF XCEED gain even a tiny bit of popularity, and not a complete waste of time. xD

Extra Trivia: The YouTube channel has been designed after my MoonShell 2.00 Beta 10 skin, “A Different Snow v1.0”, which I should get to updating so it could work with MoonShell 2.00 Stable…someday…

And I should re-release my PC works under the Technology Division name too. I’ll think of a workaround to that…some other time…


~ by rtnario on May 30, 2009.

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