LEAF XCEED Music Division – Eternal Regret

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Not sure if I’m gonna put this on NG. It’s kinda like a Dali & Minor Star thing, so I want these kinds of releases exclusive to my blog. This is my first attempt…well…second attempt…wait…third? Yeah, third attempt at a completely piano-only song. My first was a MIDI song called “Serenity” and second was a school project called “School Of Music”; it was for a music project. I can say that this piano release though is vastly different from those two. I tried my best to mimic actual piano-playing styles, and I’m not sure about how that turned out but I like the result myself. Ended up being the saddest LEAF XCEED Music Division release I’ve ever had.

This song is called “Eternal Regret”. Listening to it will at first give you mixed feelings, which is why I had a really hard time picking a title for this one. But in the end I settled on regret; this song reminded me of all the things I could’ve done that I didn’t. It’s probably the most (or only) emotional song I have, but in any case I like how my attempt at making a piano song turned out. I hope you enjoy this one; probably one of the most unexpected releases to come from me. =)

~ by rtnario on May 9, 2009.

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