True Remembrance Original Soundtrack

Download Link:


January 1, 2014 UPDATE: Proper ID3s and album art!

In a wild flurry of procrastination and almost five years after, I’ve uploaded a new version of my converted rips from yuechan that now include proper crediting for the music and track numbers. I’ve also created my own album art using Shiba Satomi’s 2012 bonus illustration.

True Remembrance Original Soundtrack

With proper ID3s and album art, this should make the soundtrack completely iPod/MP3 player ready. Enjoy!

June 13, 2009 UPDATE: New link!

After getting permission from yuechan, I converted her rips of the True Remembrance Original Soundtrack, did some probably error-filled ID3-ing, and uploaded it in an archive while my internet was still working well. Also, I included an MP3 version of “Snow Of Memories” from the True Remembrance opening movie, to make it even more complete! =D

Note: In case it isn’t hinted enough, these are completely MP3 versions of yuechan’s rips.

Hope you enjoy.

~ by rtnario on April 27, 2009.

14 Responses to “True Remembrance Original Soundtrack”

  1. not working 😦

    • What the heck?! I hope MediaFire took note that that soundtrack was from a FREE visual novel…jeez…sorry Sinatura, I will re-upload it elsewhere, but due to my internet I don’t know when that is. D:

    • If still interested, there’s a new link up. XD

  2. Hi! I want ask you to re-upload that link, I really want to have that soundtrack, so please. I can’t find it anywhere

    • Hmm? Did you try checking yuechan’s site that I linked to? It has working links to the soundtrack, except that they lack the things I changed which were converted MP3 versions and Snow Of Memories.

      It’s kinda unfair though. yuechan also has a link of her soundtrack uploaded to MediaFire, which still exists. When I uploaded mine, it was deleted by MediaFire. Wtf.

      I’ll have to try some renaming tricks, but I’ll just have to see if my upload will work out and stay there.

  3. Hey! You were right I have download this from yunechan, all in all thanks for help and sorry for problem.

  4. Nakido website not allowing us to download soundtracks =(

  5. You have my gratitude

  6. thanks for this. ^^ I really wanted the music that’s played in the title screen.

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