Lux Aeterna

The title…that’s the name of my new CPU.

After so many months/years of using my old PC (which btw, has really sad specs, and laggy RO :<) my dad agreed on letting me use 20k to use for a new computer. And since friends suggested that I could get a much more powerful PC by buying the parts and assembling them, I went with that plan.

On February 21, 2009, the plan was for me and a friend to go to…another friend’s house (attack of the redundant-ness) and from there we go to what I refer to right now as the Philippines’ mini-Shibuya. This place that I only know by the name of Gilmore has computer shops EVERYWHERE. Funny thing though, the computer shops where all starting with the letter “P”. So it was PC Corner, PC Express, PC Hub, Pizza Hut…oh wait.

Anyway, all the parts were reserved via phone before going. We only actually went to PC Express for all the parts and the assembly, but there was one part that had to be found elsewhere. So after checking all the parts and the assembly, there it was – the new PC I now refer to as Lux Aeterna, which is Latin for Eternal Light. Besides the fact that it sounds cool, I don’t know why I chose that name. XD

After, we went and bought some RoK Points…I mean, levelup cards and a Windows XP SP2 CD. And then some McDonalds where I gave everybody Royal w/cheese value meals. When we got back to the house, we installed XP on it while I played Portal on an Xbox 360. It’s a shame I didn’t get to finish it though, since I was already heading to the final boss v_v

Oh well. And here I am using said PC. It really is amazing. I was always thinking the Released thing on the official receipt was talking about this monster (in a good way).

And so, I have two (groups of? XD) people to thank:

-My parents, for accepting such a request and trusting me when I say that my friends do know their PC parts.

-My friends (you know who you two are) who really handled the entire thing by suggesting the parts, providing the transportation and even looking through 20 stores (I think) to look for this one part that was missing. I really REALLY appreciate it.

~ by rtnario on February 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lux Aeterna”

  1. Good for you, Dave ^_^
    I’m going to have to send you a bunch of stuff for great celebrate =D

  2. I thought this was some sort of NEO BETA XDDD

    Ohh maybe you can make “LEAF XCEED -Lux Aeterna” in celebration of your new PC. XD

  3. “eternal light”

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