End This Week Already

As the title of this blog entry says, I want this week to end. Quickly. Gogogo.

Why? Because starting Thursday is our semestrial break; finaly, a time where we can actually rest from all the hardships of high school. I’m looking forward to it, because not only is it a break, but an opportunity for band practices, house visits and most especially, time to enjoy a certain something I will surely get by the end of this week, called a Nintendo DS Lite.

Going to the topic of the mentioned DS Lite,  you see, since a long time ago I’ve been saving up my allowance for one. The reason for me suddenly getting this urge to get a DS was simply because a friend let me borrow his DS for I-really-forgot-why. He had me borrow it, along with his R4 flashcart, and it had the latest english release of a Phoenix Wright game, called “Apollo Justice – Ace Attorney“. Trying to remember it better, I was supposed to stuff his R4 with programs and applications from the homebrew world of the DS, which I did, since when it was returned it had an awesome theme, portable Quake I and other apps. Recently, he had me put World of Sand DS on it.

…in other words, I FREAKING WANT A DS LITE. And because of my rampant saving of allowances, by the end of this week, I will get a DS Lite. I WILL. YAY.

Going away from the DS Lite topic, let’s go back to school matters. I have a hell lote of projects due…err…tomorrow, and other projects pending. It’s freaking annoying; for some odd reason, last year’s projects were so much easier and less in number than now. It’s like, I dunno, 5 times harder than before? IT KILLS, DAMMIT ._O

Well, besides those negative things, there are some good things happening like the D3 day, where we get an excuse to have an earlier dismissal. And the Sem Break. And the…umm…err…yeah.

I’m tired. I’ll go do that storyboard now.

~ by rtnario on October 21, 2008.

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