Awesome/Not Awesome

Okay, yet another 4…-ish hour practice with Titanium Rose. As my status message in Yahoo! Messenger currently says, I realize how awesome it is the more we practice. Awesome. Awesomeawesome. Awesomeawesomeawesome. AWESOME! I can’t wait for the auditions and the gig at the AHS fair.

…come to think about it, I have two other bands that might also go for the auditions. We haven’t really practiced. One of them never got to practice, and one already existed and already went through auditions before (but failed due to a secret bass volume level switch flicked by an evil cruel demented pineapple of doom). If we go for it, the better, but as of now my number one priority is Titanium Rose.

Speaking of fair, which means the fair in the school, I’m learning to hate the Field Trip Mandatory Output reports even more than I though I would. It’s heavily distracting me from concentrating on band-related things, which I know I shouldn’t prioritize over schoolwork, but hey, I’m me, rememember?

Oh well, I hope it all turns out for the better…meanwhile, I’ll be listening to TR MP3s. They exist, and you don’t know where to get them. Ha. Haha. Ahahaha. Ha, ha! …ha

~ by rtnario on October 12, 2008.

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