Cause We’re Awesome Like That

Damn, that was awesome. I had a 4-hour band practice with my band called “Titanium Rose”. \o/

Let’s see, what’ve we got here…we tried to cover multiple Machinae Supremacy songs like “Through The Looking Glass” and “I Know The Reaper”. Ever since day one, we’ve worked on TTLG and now I can say that we sound so much better. Well, that and because from the 4 original members of TR, we have a new guitarist, who can surely make anyone’s mind blow with his playing skills. I’d know. I’d definitely know. (I only heard him today, and…Christ.0)

Anyway, now that we’ve got 9 guitarists (3, but the newest member counts as SEVEN) we have TTLG covered even without a keyboardist. Two people play the keyboards part, and one plays the actual rhythm. And we have someone who can actually do those Jonnesolos =D

I can’t wait for the next practice. I dunno when, but…just…can’t wait XD I’m pretty sure TR’s gonna last long, and also that we WILL make it to…gigs O_O

Well, off to whatever now~

~ by rtnario on October 1, 2008.

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