I love my phone. @_@

If you’re gonna look at another average person’s N70 phone, you’ll see nothing but the usual this and that. Pictures, vids, messages, contacts and bla. Although, if you check out the N70 of a person who spends time researching about it, like its operating system, its applications, games, themes and capabilities, you’ll find it a lot more interesting.

Oddly enough, there are a lot of those kinds of cellphone owners in the Philippines.

Thanks to sites like these:
DotSIS : Nokia, Symbian, Java Mobile Phone Discussions
Our DotNXT

…people get to customize their phones and use them to their maximum capabilities.

It can do the ff:
-Portable Audio/Video Player
-Browse the Internet (That means news, e-mail and whatnot)
-Instant Messaging
-Portable MS Word/Powerpoint/Excel Viewer
-Bluetooth Games/Applications (Like hacking another person’s phone…-whistle-)
-Metronome and Guitar Tuner
-a LOT more I don’t bother putting…

Just recently, I found out how to use a mobile version of Opera called Opera Mini to access the internet. anywhere with good to great signal. Also, I found out how to use YM because of shMessenger.

That, combined with my MP3 player skinned to look like Windows Media Player 11 (Not 10, I forgot that 10’s the not-Vista-happy one), and a mobile download manager, makes it seem like I’m walking around with a real portable Windows. It feels awesome, and I don’t see why others can’t try it too.

Visit those links, educate yourselves and learn how to truly use your phone. ^^

~ by rtnario on September 27, 2008.

One Response to “I love my phone. @_@”

  1. Awesome phone dude. =D

    Oh and btw, your media player actually has a Windows Media Player 11 skin… Yes, 11. How do I know it? Lalalala~

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